Turn-key Remote Patient Monitoring solution that leads to improved Patient Engagement

Enabling RPM for your practice

Provide better care to your patients and take advantage of CMS reimbursements using our turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring solution. Get in touch with us to start taking advantage of Remote Patient Monitoring.

Integrates with medical devices

Seamless integration with medical devices to easily track patient's health.

Real-time Alerts

Patient health updates accessible via any device.

Alerts Processed


Patients Called


Chat Messages


Health Responses


Own a practice? Find out how RPM can work for you.

Unified Secure Health Platform

All your health information stored securely and accessible to you anytime on any device

For Patients

Control your health records

Your health records available to you securely anytime on any device

Remote Monitoring

Your physician monitors your health remotely and is always a click away

Support Team

Our team of patient navigators always looking out for you

For Providers

Better Patient Care

Better health for your patients through improved engagement in their own care

Improved Patient Retention

Patient satisfaction leading to improved retention

Fully Managed

Turnkey solution entirely managed by us leading to additional revenue stream for your practice

Available for IOS and Android

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